Cleaner Muhammad Adel: His arrest and then his release renew the controversy over the “trend industry” in Egypt, so what is the story?

Cleaner Muhammad Adel

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Tweeters blamed the media, and said that it publishes any news that raises viewership without looking at the content.

The name of Muhammad Adel, the most famous cleaner in Egypt and the owner of the “Koshary dish”, which sparked widespread controversy, returned to the forefront of social networking sites, after news circulated of his arrest and then his release.

Tweeters and bloggers interacted greatly with the news. And while some considered it “a means to distract the Egyptians,” others expressed their “satisfaction” with the publication of news, which they described as unimportant, on the lists of the most popular topics.

But the topic that preoccupied most people was what was described as “how to create a trend” in Egypt, and the reason behind focusing on harvesting views through communication sites, even if the published content was not serious or useful.

what’s new?

  • The Giza Investigation Department arrested the cleaning worker, Mohamed Adel, known in the media as the hero of the Koshari Al-Tahrir incident, to implement judicial rulings issued against him in recent years.
  • Sources revealed that non-final verdicts were issued against the cleaning worker on charges of manslaughter, in an accident in the New Cairo area, in addition to a dissipation ruling. The accused cleaner was transferred to the Abu Nomros Police Station, and from there to the Cairo Court.
  • Hours later, it was spread through the communication sites again that the security services of the Giza Security Directorate had released Muhammad Adel, after news indicating that he had submitted an opposition to the sentence issued against him.
  • And the pioneers of social networking sites circulated a number of pictures of the owner of the Koshari incident while he was inside the headquarters of a famous production company, and he appeared to sign papers that some said were papers for a new contract for him as a radio broadcaster joining that company.
  • News spread that he was expelled from an artist’s birthday, in addition to being expelled from the filming location of an Egyptian movie, to top his news since late October last, social networking sites non-stop.

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