Citizens reveal places of entertainment in the past and how they spend their free time Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Al-Ekhbariya channel documented a video clip to compare between entertainment at the time and what Riyadh is witnessing now after the launch of the “Riyadh Season”, which turned it into a piece of art visited by millions from different parts of the world.

Nowhere to be entertained

One of the citizens said that there was no place for entertainment, but at night they sat at King Fahd Stadium, and another boycotted it. The popular cafes were the most welcoming thing for young people.

A citizen indicated that he was forced to travel to the Gulf countries for entertainment, and also to attend the Janadriyah festivals.

Al-Ekhbariya’s reporter explained during the video, “Entertainment at the time was just a word that was lost in the material of expression. In Riyadh, at a time, everything could turn into luxury with personal judgments.”

Book fair and Janadriyah festivals

He added, like the Riyadh International Book Fair, this cultural phenomenon was primarily an entertainment event, as were the Janadriyah festivals or even flower festivals and others.

And he continued, and luxury on its origins was in the old amusement, which remains limited, even in the summer there were celebrations in various cities in a very primitive way and wild trips, and the efforts lead to something called entertainment we know by name but what we know about.

in 2016

And he added, but in 2016, this word turned into a professional body for entertainment, and everyone thought entertainment was just ordinary concerts, and the body was attacked even before it started its work.

And in 2019, the head of the Entertainment Authority, His Excellency Turki Al-Sheikh, launched the first Riyadh season that changed the shape of Riyadh. The festival days were 70 days, and they were extended after the season’s visitors reached more than 7 million people, in multiple areas such as the Bolivar, Waterland, safari and deserts, More than 100 activities distributed over 12 sites.

stage after corona

He said, after the Corona crisis, Riyadh was a precious jewel that people watched, and after the second season, Riyadh turned into a masterpiece and a tourist destination. Today, we eagerly await the third Riyadh season under the slogan “Above Imagination”.


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