Cities are drowning in darkness.. and Russia is intensifying its bombing of large Ukrainian regions

In new field developments in Ukraine, local authorities reported explosions all over the country, including the capital Kyiv and Kharkiv in the east and Lviv in the west near the border with Poland.

The Russian bombing killed at least three people and six wounded, including a child, according to the Ukrainian Minister of Interior, Denis Monastyrsky. The Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Valery Zaluzhny, stated that Russia launched 69 cruise missiles, and 54 of them were shot down.

According to field sources in Ukraine, drones bombed sites in the capital, Kyiv, at dawn today, Friday, and a loud sound was heard Several explosionswhile anti-aircraft missiles were fired to repel the attack.

The air defense systems were also activated in a region in Kherson in the early hours of this morning, amid news that at least three explosions were heard.

Power outages amid low temperatures

In the context, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that most regions of his country suffer from power outages amid a significant drop in temperatures after the missile attacks that targeted all parts of the country.

Zelinsky also spoke about the difficult situation on the fronts of Bakhmut and Solidar, north of Donetsk, indicating that the Russian forces seek to seize the Donetsk region before the New Year.

New British military equipment

In addition, Britain sent new military equipment to Ukraine, including bomb and mine defusal devices, to help it clear lands and buildings of unexploded ordnance and missiles left by the Russian bombing.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace had announced that his country had allocated two billion seven hundred and seventy million dollars from the budget for next year to help Ukraine militarily.

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