China will surpass us, and Ukraine is just a “warm-up”

In the latest warnings about the concerns expressed by the Pentagon leaders, and their concern that the American forces may not be in a state of readiness, in Facing challenges The upcoming military conflict, Admiral Charles Richard, commander of the US Strategic Forces (Stratcom), said the current conflict in Ukraine is not the worst, for which the United States should be prepared.

The US commander added, in a speech at the annual symposium of the Association for Naval Submarine Industry and Modernization, that the United States “must prepare, the Ukraine crisis we are in right now, is just a warm-up… The big one is coming. It won’t be long before we are tested In ways we haven’t experienced in a long time.”

Charles Richard

Charles Richard

“We have to make some quick fundamental changes in the way we approach the defense of this nation,” Richard said. “I’ll tell you the current situation shows what nuclear coercion looks like and how you are, or how you can’t stand it.”

Escalation of the Special Deterrence Game

Richard added: “Competitors such as China are outperforming the United States in a dramatic way…The United States must step up its deterrent game, or else it will collapse.”

He said, “As I assess our level of deterrence against China, the ship is sinking slowly. It is sinking slowly, but it is sinking, because basically they put capacity in the field faster than we are. As these curves go, it doesn’t matter how good we are or How good our leaders are, or how good our horses are, we won’t have enough of them. And that’s a problem in the very short term.” Which was considered a sign of China’s superiority in the number of its warships and its acceleration of building more aircraft carriers.

Despite this, Richard tried to reassure the attendees, albeit temporarily, by saying that one of the areas that the United States still dominates is its naval capabilities, especially its submarine fleet.

He said: “Undersea capabilities are still perhaps the only real asymmetric advantage we still have against our opponents…but unless we ramp up, in terms of fixing maintenance issues, starting new construction…if we can’t figure it out. …we will not put ourselves in a good position to maintain the strategy of deterrence and national defense.”

“Reclaiming the advantage in other areas could mean looking back, up to 60 years or more, to a time when the US military was able to do things faster than it does today,” he added.

The ship is sinking slowly, but it is sinking

“We knew how to move quickly, and we lost it,” he said, referring to the bureaucracy and lengthy procedures for approving funding requests and political disagreements in approving Defense Department budgets, which are hampering and hampering the Pentagon’s efforts to obtain new weapons.

“We must go back to the business of not talking about how our supposed eventual failure to acquire new weapons will eventually be mitigated and reversed in the way we are used to asking this nation questions. What would it take? Is it money? Is it people? You need powers? What are the risks? That’s how we got to the moon by 1969. We need to put some of that back, or else China will simply overtake us, and Russia is not going anywhere anytime soon.”

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