China eases Corona measures in a long-awaited step

China announced today, Friday, the easing of Measures to combat Corona while reducing the period of quarantine For arrivals from 10 days to 8, and the sudden closure of flight paths for some flights.

In an additional indication of mitigation, the National Health Committee announced that it had abolished the requirement to identify and isolate “secondary contacts of the infected.”

The Chinese government said in a memo published by state television that the influential seven-person Politburo Standing Committee met Thursday to approve the easing of restrictions.

It also stated that the arrivals will still be required to undergo six tests to detect the virus and will not be allowed to go out during the eight days.

It added that travelers will only be required to show a “Covid” test within 48 hours before boarding the plane to China, a reduction from the two tests currently.

The new rules identify “important business people” and “sports groups” as examples of groups allowed to not be quarantined, as long as they remain in a “closed loop” safe from the virus for the duration of their stay.

The memo added that a mechanism that imposed a sudden closure of flight paths would be canceled if a certain percentage of passengers were infected with the virus.

China has been adopting a “zero Covid” policy, which includes closing entire neighborhoods or cities as soon as infections appear, and conducting large-scale examinations or even isolating people who have tested positive and travelers from abroad.

But these restrictions are sometimes combined with poor access to food or medical care and the difficulty of moving in and out of China, which wears down the patience of the Chinese.

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