China announces the cessation of spreading daily infections of Covid-19

Today, Sunday, China’s National Health Commission announced that it will not publish daily data on COVID-19 infections and deaths yet A sharp increase in the number of injuries following a sudden easing of strict restrictions.

“The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention will release COVID-related information for reference and research-related issues,” the commission said in a statement, without specifying the reasons for the change or the frequency with which the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention updates information related to COVID-19.

The National Health Commission has stopped publishing The total daily number of infections and deaths with growing concerns On the lack of critical information since Beijing made sweeping changes to its “zero Covid policy” that has imposed strict lockdowns on hundreds of millions of its citizens and battered the world’s second-largest economy.

Despite the record rise in infections, the National Health Commission did not record any deaths from COVID-19 nationwide for four consecutive days before the data was discontinued.

China limits its classification of corona deaths to those who died from pneumonia or pulmonary failure due to infection with the virus.

Britain-based health data company Irventi estimated last week that China was seeing more than 1 million infections and 5,000 deaths per day.

After COVID-19 infections broke daily records in late November, the Health Commission this month stopped recording asymptomatic infections, making it difficult to track infections.

The United States is also reporting fewer HIV infections, and updates are becoming weekly rather than daily, citing the need to reduce the burden of reporting infections on local areas.

The World Health Organization has not received any data from China on new coronavirus hospitalizations since Beijing eased its restrictions. The organization says that the data gap may be due to the authorities having difficulty counting cases in the world’s most populous country.

After applying very strict restrictions to combat the disease for years, Chinese President Xi Jinping abandoned his policy known as zero Covid and is currently focusing on the country’s exit plan from that period, with Hong Kong’s intention to reopen China’s borders.

The sudden easing of Covid restrictions, including the dismantling of the system of mass examinations, left citizens confused and frustrated by the increase in cases when the official figures did not reflect it.

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