Cheap and available in every kitchen..a common drink that protects against cancer, protects against diabetes and fights heart disease

Al-Marsad newspaper: There are many benefits of parsley that you can benefit from if you eat parsley on an empty stomach.

And about the benefits of parsley:

1. Weight loss: Parsley tea helps in losing weight by ridding the body of excess water, and the body may be more likely to suffer from water retention in the following cases or periods: Premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, excess sodium in the diet, and taking medications that cause Fluid retention daily.

On the other hand, diuretic vegetables such as parsley contribute to the expulsion of these excess fluids, and it is worth noting that you should consult your doctor in advance before drinking parsley tea. Antioxidants, such as: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

It is also an excellent source of flavonoids that help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, including atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Parsley also contains chemicals that cause the muscles of the intestines, bladder and uterus to contract, which contributes to treating indigestion, urinary tract infections, and menstrual cramps, according to Web Medicine.

3. Freshens the breath: Eating parsley can help in refreshing the breath and masking any unpleasant odors, as parsley acts as a natural mouth freshener, especially in the morning.

4. Protection against diabetes: Parsley contains the compound myricetin, which is necessary to treat or prevent diabetes.

Numerous laboratory and animal studies have shown that myricetin has beneficial properties for the body, such as lowering blood sugar levels and reducing insulin resistance.

5. Improve bone health: Parsley contains vitamin K that is important for the safety of bone health, and there is a close relationship between the increased risk of bone fractures and the lack of foods rich in vitamin K. Consuming vitamin K in sufficient quantities may contribute to improving bone health by enhancing calcium absorption, and reducing Excretion in the urine.

6. Fights heart disease: Parsley contains folic acid, which contributes to maintaining normal levels of the amino acid homocysteine, which is necessary to prevent the risk of heart disease, as high levels of this acid increase the chance of cardiovascular disease.

7. Cancer prevention: The myricetin compound in parsley helps prevent the risk of skin cancer. It has also been shown that parsley and other green vegetables can reduce the risk factors for cancer caused by carcinogenic heterocyclic amines.


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