Canceling all Christmas and New Year celebrations in Jordan

The Council of Churches in Jordan announced the cancellation of all Christmas and New Year celebrations, and the restriction of religious rites in churches.

It comes after 3 Jordanian security men were killed, and 5 others were wounded, as a result of a security raidYesterday morning, Monday, a terrorist cell in Ma’an governorate, in the south of the country, was involved in the killing of a Jordanian officer.

And last Thursday, the Jordanian officer, Abdul Razzaq Al-Dalabeh, was killed by gunfire in the same governorate.

The Council of Churches stated in a statement, “Our hearts bleed and sigh for what happened to the members of our Jordanian family of the public security forces, the martyrdom of some of them, and the injury of others while carrying out their national duty.”

The statement added: “Based on these painful events that the national body is exposed to, we held an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Church Heads in Jordan and took a decision to cancel all Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, and limit religious rituals in churches.”

He stressed that the cancellation comes “in solidarity with the homeland, the Public Security Agency, and our grieving families who sacrificed their free sons as martyrs, and with their pure blood watered the soil of our blessed Jordan.”

The statement called on “all of our beloved sons of God to abide by this decision of ours with a spiritual responsibility and a patriotic duty.”

And he added, “We are all confident of overcoming this painful stage as one family woven with love, brotherhood, and belonging to this country, gathered around the master of the country, King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein.”

A security raid on a house in the Hussainiya area of ​​Ma’an governorate resulted in the death of the accused of shooting the officer Al-Dalabeh, and the arrest of 9 others.

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