Busquets officially responds to the victory offer.. Ronaldo and 161 million

The great Spanish star, Sergio Busquets, officially responded to an offer AL-Nasser club; To be included in the ranks of the first football team.

AndBusquets The 34-year-old, his contract with the first football team of the Spanish club Barcelona expires on June 30, 2023; Amid conflicting news about renewal or departure.

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Spanish legend Xavi Hernandez, coach F.C.B, on the player for the sake of renewal.. at a time when Al-Nasr and Inter Miami clubs are trying; to be officially included.

* Busquets officially responds to the victory offer .. “Ronaldo and 161 million.”

In this context, “Radio Catalunya” announced, in breaking news a while ago, that Sergio Busquets officially rejected the offer submitted to him by Al-Nasr Club.

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And Al-Nasr tried – according to “Radio Catalonia” – to lure Busquets, with a salary of 20 million euros, “40 million in two seasons”, or 161 million Saudi riyals, in addition to fellowship with the Portuguese legend. Cristiano Ronaldo; to accept the offer.

And Al-Nasr Club signed a contract with the legend Ronaldo, in the current winter Mercato, “January 2023”; For two and a half seasons, for 500 million euros (2 billion Saudi riyals).

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However, the Barcelona club captain rejected this huge offer, preferring either to renew with Barcelona for another season, or to move to Inter Miami.

It is worth noting that Busquets has been in Riyadh during the past few days. Where he crowned his team, Barcelona, ​​with the Spanish Super Cup title; After winning over Real Madrid (3-1), in the final.

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