Blinken comments during a call with Sameh Shoukry on the Egyptian authorities’ release of political detainees

(CNN) — On Thursday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on his Twitter account that he had a “productive” call with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry, during which he affirmed his appreciation for Egypt’s leadership in the field of climate as it prepares to host the COP27 global climate summit, which is being held This month, and his commitment to “deepening the strategic partnership between the United States and Egypt.”

The US State Department said, in a statement on its website, that “Blinken affirmed his appreciation for Egypt’s climate leadership and commitment to continuing to deepen the strategic partnership between the United States and Egypt, which is underpinned by tangible progress in the field of human rights in Egypt.”

The statement added that the US Secretary of State “welcomed the release of large numbers of political detainees during the past months, and expressed his support for more amnesties and releases, as well as for steps to promote due legal procedures and protect fundamental freedoms for all, and emphasized the critical contributions of civil society, including: That is the success of COP27.”

Blinken and Shukry also discussed joint efforts to promote regional peace, including support for elections in Libya, and ongoing efforts to ensure equal measures of prosperity, security, and dignity for Israelis and Palestinians.

For its part, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, in a statement on its Facebook page, that Shoukry had received a call from Blinken about the arrangements for COP27.

In the statement, Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, spokesperson for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, said that Sameh Shoukry stressed that “Egypt has taken all necessary arrangements to ensure effective participation of official delegations, representatives of the private sector, civil society and all parties concerned with climate change issues during the conference.”

Abu Zeid added that the conversation between the Egyptian and American foreign ministers “also dealt with the developments in Libya, as well as the recent Israeli elections, where Mr. Sameh Shoukry stressed to his American counterpart the importance of maintaining calm in the Palestinian territories, and the need to avoid any escalatory or provocative measures against the Palestinian people.” and intensifying efforts to resume the peace process after the formation of the new Israeli government.

The spokesman added that the call dealt with human rights issues, “as the Foreign Minister was keen to review the Egyptian efforts made within the framework of implementing the national strategy for human rights, and the recent decisions of the presidential pardon committee, in addition to the most important results of the national dialogue.”

He pointed out that “the two foreign ministers expressed, at the end of the call, their keenness to continue the dialogue between the two countries to enhance the partnership between them, and to intensify cooperation and coordination mechanisms in facing the current global and regional challenges.”

It is noteworthy that the White House announced, on Saturday, that US President Joe Biden will visit Egypt to participate in the climate summit, and White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said in a statement that Biden will attend the climate summit on November 11 in the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh.

She added that Biden’s presence “will build on the great work the United States has done to advance the fight against climate change at the global level, and (the US president) will confirm that the world must act in this crucial decade.”


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