Billionaires’ luxury yachts are flocking to the Caribbean.. get ready for the event

headed Billionaires’ yachts In various regions of the world to the Caribbean in preparation for Christmas and New Year’s parties, as the number of yachts in the region more than doubled from the previous month.

December is the yachting boom season in the Caribbean, with more than 200 luxury ships congregated between the islands, compared to 81 in late November, according to shipping data compiled by Bloomberg and viewed by Al

David Geffen’s 454-foot superyacht is the largest in the region, currently moored off St. Barts, followed by the 384-foot Infinity in the British Virgin Islands, and then the 378-foot yacht of Canadian-Jamaican billionaire Michael Lee Chen that appeared Recently, he arrived in Saint Kitts.

Last year, the former Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, was throwing a New Year’s Eve party next to the boat “Geffen” in St. Barts, but 4 mega-yachts associated with him or owned by him remained in Turkey as the yachts of “Russian billionaires” were seized all over the world. around the world after President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in February.

Despite a tumultuous 2022, Boat International reported earlier this month that 600 superyachts were sold in 2022 for a total of €3.6 billion ($3.8 billion).

Yacht mooring areas

Yacht mooring areas


On the other side of the world, the number of yachts in the Maldives is also on the rise for holidays, with Lauren L’s 290-foot yacht the largest of the 17 luxury ships docked there. Russian property owner Aleksandr Svetakov’s 237-foot yacht Cloudbreak is frolicking in Phuket, after spending two months in a remote part of Indonesia and stopping in Singapore for a few days.

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