Benefits of scraping the tongue – does it replace the brush and paste?

Two weeks ago, the “tongue scraping” trend gained wide popularity among users of the social networking site “Tik Tok”, especially after the support it received from some dentists, which prompted some to question its benefits for oral health.

What is tongue scraping?

A method that helps clean the surface of the tongue, using a small U-shaped tip, usually made of brass, steel, or reinforced plastic.

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Benefits of tongue scraping

This performance plays a major role in removing a white layer on the surface of the tongue, which helps get rid of bad breath, according to Al Arabiya, quoting Dr. Sandeep Patel, a dentist.

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Sandeep confirmed that the tongue scraper also helps prevent tooth decay and gingivitis, due to its great ability to get rid of harmful bacteria stuck in it.

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Does a tongue scraper replace a brush, lotion, or medical floss?

However, the dentist explained that the tongue scraper could not be satisfied with it, to maintain oral hygiene, appealing to the regular use of brushing, medical floss, and rinsing.

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This was also recommended by the British Dental Association earlier, explaining that the tongue scraper does not replace the use of brush and paste, especially as it does not protect against the damage of sugary foods and drinks.

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