Belqis’s naked dress “and a Lebanese accent”… Wide criticism of the Yemeni artist (video)

homeland- The Yemeni artist, Belqis Fathi, was subjected to a massive attack on social media after appearing on a Lebanese program, and she talks in the Lebanese dialect about her life conditions after the divorce and the custody of her only son, “Turki”, despite being Yemeni and living in the Emirates.

Belqis Fathi had won a ousting case against her husband Saudi businessman Sultan Abdul Latif, before the UAE courts in April 2021.

After the divorce, I felt family life and motherhood

And it appeared Belqis In an interview with the Lebanese broadcaster, Rudolph Hilal, on his “Al Majhool” program, which is broadcasted on the “TV” channel.LBCTo talk about details of her life after the divorce.

Belqis Fathi said that the year 2021 was difficult for her because she was preparing to separate from her husband, and she was not in a state of stability, and things were better in the year 2022.

“And the most beautiful thing she likes to remember – as she said – is that she received the key to her house, opened it and took her son, and for the first time she experienced the feelings of family and motherhood and enrolled her son in the best school in the country. Dubai.”

The famous Yemeni artist recalled his first day at school, how she brought him there, and then returned to take him home. “And whenever she opened the door of her house and entered, she would feel free and happy, and this is her right and her duty – as she said –

The program’s announcer asked her, “To this extent I was suffocated.” Bilqis denied this, saying: It is related to luck and circumstances, adding that “2022 was the year of her launch, and she was relieved even on a personal level.”

Balqis' naked dress and a Lebanese accent
Balqis’ naked dress and a Lebanese accent

The comments and reactions of social media users about making Belqis Fathi varied in her tone and the news of her divorce.

Some also attacked Belqis Fathi, because of her sexy clothes, in which she appeared, revealing parts of her body and highlighting her charms greatly.

commented Saud Abdul Rahman Al Muqhem In a sarcastic tone: “Bilqis was toppled from your eyes, or not?”

Belqis replied to him in a tweet on her Twitter account: “An unsuccessful tweet, and I thank you for contributing to spreading the episode more, and everyone who shared any video of me from this meeting, I say, thank you for making me a trend.”

In turn, she suspendedYemen Farouk Luqman“Bilqis cannot fall from the eyes of her fans, as she is the daughter of a great musician who follows in his footsteps with struggle and success.”

And she added, “She has the right to talk about her mind in any accent she creates as usual, and this is a rare talent, like her singing talent, and she only said everything beautiful.”

teasing her ex-husband

“Ali” commented that women are usually overcome with emotion in many cases, and as soon as they are divorced, they say, “I am free and do not need men.” She generalizes her bad experience with all men.

And he added, in a sarcastic tone, from Balqis Fathi: “Soon you will hear the news of the sister’s association with the clip and her entry into the iron cage soon, and do not say what I taught you.”

While another commented: “A female is trying to upset her ex-husband… Congratulations on her new life.”

And she added: “She was overthrown on the day she danced with Muhammad Ramadan in Shaaban, and she was not modest.”

criticized”Aziz Al-KataniBilqis’ artificial accent, saying: “I do not like people who are not proud of their dialect or their language.”

And he continued: “I think the Lebanese broadcaster and the audience would understand if Bilqis spoke in her Gulf dialect.”

And he addressed Bilqis: “You make yourself smaller in front of people in this way, and by choosing something strange.”

As he crossedAbdullahHe believed that changing the dialect is a kind of social identification and that it is emotional intelligence that you speak in the same dialect as the person in front of you.

And he added, “I see that there is nothing in it. On the contrary, this is a skill that no one is capable of.”

Who is Balqis Fathi?

Balqis Fathi, the daughter of musician Ahmed Fathi, a Yemeni-Emirati singer, was born on October 20, 1988. She married Saudi football player Nayef Hazazi in October 2012, but their relationship did not last long, as their engagement was dissolved in February 2013.

In May 2016, she married a Saudi businessman.Sultan bin Abdul LatifTheir wedding took place on December 29 of the same year, and on May 12, 2018, they gave birth to their first son, Turki. In April 2021, they announced their separation and a divorce case was filed against him.

Belqis won the fourth place globally in the “Best Dressed” competition for the best dress category among world stars within the red carpet fashion awards at the Red Sea Film Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and drew attention at the time through the dress designed by the famous “Versace” brand.

She also won the Best Clip Award for an Arab work for the song “In Front of My Mirror”, at the Cannes International Film Festival, amid fierce competition from a large number of singers.

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