Before the World Cup, a chess confrontation between Ronaldo and Messi carries a hidden message

In a first of its kind, the song “Tukoh Taka” became the first in the history of the official songs of the World Cup to be ranked number one on “iTunes”, which is one of the most popular music streaming applications in the United States and the world.

The popularity of the song in the United States is due to the participation of the famous rap star, Nicki Minaj, in the song.

The Lebanese singer, Myriam Fares, also became the first Arab to occupy the first place in the application, after participating in the performance of that song alongside Minaj, and the famous Colombian singer, Maluma.

On Friday, the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) released the song “Tukoh Taka”, indicating that it was produced by “Universal Arabic Music”, and to be the official song of the FIFA Official Fan Festival, noting that it is included in the list of official music releases for the World Cup. Qatar 2022.

FIFA said in a statement that the new song saw a collaboration that “aims to bring together football and music makers, which will express the spirit of the World Cup.”

The statement noted that Maluma will participate with Myriam Fares and Nicki Minaj in the opening evening show of the FIFA Fan Festival in Doha, which will open its doors to the fans on Sunday before the start of the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador.

For her part, Myriam confirmed that she was happy to participate in the composition, arrangement, choreography and performances of the song, noting that she was honored to work with two of her favorite international artists, according to the German News Agency.

In the same context, Maluma said that he is very happy to participate in this song, according to a statement quoted by the “”rollingstone“.

He added, β€œI always dreamed of an opportunity like this. Representing Latin music in this global track along with great artists singing in both English and Arabic, takes our culture to another level.”

Mixed reactions

The song shows the three performers celebrating in the desert of Qatar, from inside a bus carrying fans of the different teams participating in the World Cup, and the video clips of dancing and celebration intersect with goals from previous World Cup matches.

The song had received many reactions from pioneers and activists on social media, some of whom accused Miriam of trying to imitate the famous Colombian singer, Shakira, while others criticized the quality of the words and clothes.

Some criticized the scenes of the desert, the dancing clothes, and the masked men in the video, and that they evoke stereotypes about Arabs.

The lyrics of the song in Arabic received a lot of criticism, if some considered it “very poor” on the technical level.

On the other hand, Minaj’s performance in the song received high praise from some critics and on social media.

Other tweeters considered that the song, in all its details, is beautiful and deserves the success it has achieved.

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