Before the start of Samsung’s annual conference.. a package of expected devices and the way to watch

Samsung is preparing for the launch of its expected annual event, during which it is scheduled to announce the latest versions of its new Galaxy S23 phone.

And the first conference of Samsung for the year 2023, is scheduled to start in a live broadcast on the first Wednesday of next February, entitled Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023.

The conference, according to the “BC Mag” website, will be available for viewing directly via a live broadcast of Samsung via its official channel on YouTube, during which it is scheduled to unveil its new smartphone family and a “laptop” computer, in addition to the following new specifications. :

Galaxy S23

According to the leaks about the upcoming Samsung event, Samsung is expected to launch the new generation of the Galaxy S23 phone, of which multiple versions will be revealed, including the inaugural category, the S23 + category, and the higher category, the S23 ULTRA.

Experts’ predictions say that the phone’s exterior design is expected to remain the same as it was in its previous version, S22, with minor changes, and all versions of the upcoming Galaxy S23 phone will be made of aluminum and glass, available in various colors, and large rear camera lenses.

Interior specifications

With regard to the internal specifications of the expected phone, experts predict that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S23, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which is the second generation of Samsung processors of this type.

This is in addition to RAM with a larger storage capacity, with predictions that Samsung may provide emergency satellite communication technology, which is the same technology that iPhone provided to its customers through the iPhone 14 version last year.

And the expected higher version of the new Samsung phones, S23 ULTRA, in particular, is expected to contain a sensor for its main camera, with a resolution of 200 megapixels.

In previous statements, Samsung President TM Roh commented that the technical development of the upcoming Samsung phone will focus on the camera, performance and sustainability.

Galaxy Book Pro

According to experts’ expectations, the upcoming Samsung conference will not be limited to the new S23 phone only. Samsung is also expected to unveil a new generation of “Galaxy Book Pro” laptop computers.

These are the devices that Samsung revealed for the first time at the Mobile World Congress in 2022, and as usual, Samsung is now allowing the pre-booking service for its upcoming devices, while offering a $ 100 discount for those who are about to book from now.

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