Beating, burning and electrocution.. A Yemeni young man kills his wife and her fetus in the most horrific way!

In a horrific crime, a Yemeni young man tortured his 17-year-old wife, who is three months pregnant, by beating, burning and electrocuting her, until she died.

In the details of the crime, local sources revealed that a young man committed a crime against his wife, months after their marriage in Dhamar Governorate, and moved to live in Marib.

The sources said that the 17-year-old girl, Rehab Ahmed Khadem, married her cousin, Abd al-Rahman Nasr Muhammad Abdo (27 years), six months ago and moved to live with him from Wesab Dhamar to Marib, before he began practicing violent physical torture against her until she died as a result. That, last Wednesday.

The sources indicated that the husband began torturing his wife with “burning, beating and electric shock” from the third month of marriage, until her death, as a result of internal bleeding in the head, according to the forensic report.

She added that the husband prevented his wife from communicating with her family, possessing any means of communication, or leaving the house for half a year of marriage, until she died while pregnant.

Later, the Marib Governorate police announced that the security services in the governorate had arrested the accused of torturing his wife until she died, along with her fetus.

In a statement, the police said that they were able to arrest the accused of killing his wife under torture.

The police added that the accused assaulted his wife severely all over her body, head and face, which led to her death.

The statement indicated that the accused committed the crime because of family disputes, without giving more details.

The police confirmed that the security services arrested the accused and deposited the victim’s body in the hospital freezer until the case file was completed.

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