Arizona governor for the Democrats.. and a picture of Trump’s candidate sparks a storm

For the first time since 2009, the Democratic Party has been able to United State of winning the governorship in Arizona.

Carrie Lake, the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona who is backed by former President Donald Trump, lost the race to her Democratic rival Katie Hobbs in the midterm elections.

old picture

While supporters of the Democratic Party re-published an old photo of the losing candidate, dating back to last month (October), as she cleaned the platform on which Trump will stand, prior to his arrival in the state as part of the electoral campaign that he launched at the time to support his party’s candidates.

Some of them smelled the fate of that woman, whose loss dealt another blow to the former US president, especially since the position of governor in that state had not left the Red Party for years.

The image that sparked controversy

The image that sparked controversy

It is noteworthy that Lake is among the list of candidates whose main electoral slogan was to question the results of the 2020 presidential elections and Joe Biden’s victory at the time.

She also vowed during her campaign to ban mail-in voting in the state, which “conspiracy theorists” claim makes the election fraudulent.

217 parliamentary seats for the Republicans

It is noteworthy that the Republicans managed to get ahead of the Democrats in the House of Representatives so far, by harvesting 5 additional seats this morning, which raised their share to 217, meaning they still lack one seat to win the parliamentary majority, according to the Associated Press.

Control of the House of Representatives could allow them to thwart current President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda.

On the other hand, the Blue (Democratic) Party won the majority in the Senate.

Last Tuesday, the Americans went to the polls to renew all 435 House of Representatives seats, and a third of the Senate seats, as well as elect 36 state governors.

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