Are Russian ammunition running out in Ukraine?.. A senior US official answers and reveals a surprise!

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: British and American estimates indicate that the artillery ammunition used by Russia in its war on Ukraine is running out, which casts a shadow over the future of the war that has been going on since last February.

And under the headline “Is Russia running out of ammunition? Perhaps many of its shells are older than the recruits who fire them,” The Economist magazine said that recent statements by US and British officials indicate that Russia is facing a shortage of artillery ammunition.

A senior US defense official told The Associated Press that, at current utilization rates, Russia could keep “fully serviceable” rocket artillery munitions only until early 2023.

The official pointed out that Russia is suffering in order to replenish its stocks, which makes it forced to use damaged ammunition, which is “unpredictable and more dangerous.”

A few days ago, a senior US military official told Reuters that Russia is using decades-old ammunition with high failure rates.

“They have used (Russian) aging ammunition stocks, which indicates that they are willing to use that old ammunition, some of which were produced over 40 years ago,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The analysis indicates that, in theory, the Russian military has one of the best artillery fire control systems in the world.

But in practice, the artillery soldiers are “ill-trained, undisciplined, and follow a rigid, outdated doctrine that wastes this advantage,” as they fire a lot of shells and missiles without necessarily hitting the target.

She points to an intercepted phone call to a Russian soldier this December from the battlefield in eastern Ukraine. In the call, the soldier is heard talking about the increase in the number of recruits killed due to the failure of the artillery.


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