Apple TV 4K officially launched..but delays and shortages affect availability

Following the official announcement last month, the new Apple TV 4K is now available for purchase in Apple Stores and from third-party retailers. In addition, first pre-orders are now also reaching buyers. However, some early shortages and delays seem to be causing problems for some customers looking to get their hands on the Apple TV 4K.

The latest Apple TV 4K was announced last month along with updates to the new iPad 10 and M2 iPad Pro. The latest version of Apple’s streaming box includes a new A15 Bionic chip inside, support for HDR10+, and a new Siri Controller that uses USB-C for charging. More importantly, the newer streaming box is also cheaper than the previous version.

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The Apple TV 4K is available in two purchase options. The first option costs $129 and includes 64GB of storage and WiFi only. For $149, you get 128GB of storage along with an Ethernet port and support Thread connectivity For smart home accessories.

Many buyers eager to pre-order the Apple TV 4K have taken to Twitter and Instagram to show the arrival of their orders. New Apple TV 4K models are also widely available for same-day in-store pickup from Apple Stores across the United States.

However, there are some supply shortages and delays that seem to affect device availability. Some buyers who pre-ordered the new device have seen their November 7 orders delayed until November 10, Sigmund Judge noted on Twitter. Judge says there is also no availability for in-store pickup at many Apple Store locations across Europe.

The latest Apple TV 4K models are also available on Amazon at slightly discounted prices, with orders currently reporting an arrival time of just a few days.

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