Apple plans to launch a new iPad mini at the end of 2023

It seems that the American company Apple is planning to launch a new iPad mini in late 2023 or in the first half of 2024.

The news comes from the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who explained that the new device will have a new and fast processor.

iPad mini foldable

Meng also claims that the new iPad will not be foldable. Also, the foldable iPad will not replace the iPad mini at this time.

Many expect the iPhone maker to work on a foldable iPad. However, experts do not see this, and they believe that Apple is still far from making a foldable iPhone or iPad soon.

And foldable devices have gained some traction, thanks to the Korean giant Samsung, which has been improving its foldable phones for several years now.

And because the technology for foldable devices is still new and full of flaws and problems. Meng believes that Apple will not enter this field, whether next year or the following.

As everyone knows, Apple does not participate in any technology unless it has been tested and all problems have been removed. Because it offers it to the user perfectly, unlike other companies.

As for the new iPad Mini, the company had launched a version of it in September 2021. with an 8.3-inch screen, Bionic A15 chip, USB-C port, Touch ID power button, and support for fifth-generation networks.

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Prices start at $ 499 with the model that comes with a storage space of up to 64 GB.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo did not share any additional details about the new iPad mini. Rather, it is expected to come with expected improvements such as a faster processor and more RAM and storage space.

Finally, Meng believes that Apple is unlikely to replace the iPad mini with a foldable iPad until 2025. He believes that the foldable iPad will come at a significantly higher price than the regular iPad mini.

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