Apple is concerned about the default life of the iPhone 14 screens and the high possibility of damage

Apple was concerned about the new design of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, more precisely the new hole in the screen itself, the “pill”, with regard to quality, which will affect the life span of the phone and the high possibility of damage.

Apple decided to move from the screen design of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max for the first time in years, and convert the notch at the top to the new “pill” shape that contains the front camera and interface sensors such as Face ID.

According to information published by The Elec, Apple notified Samsung, to which it was entrusted with the task of supplying the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max screens, of its concerns about the quality of manufacturing the new “pill” shape, unlike the two small models, given that they have the same old design.

Apple iPhone 14

The new design requires a hole and a slot in the screen to accommodate the camera and other technologies, and the company expected that this creates the risk of damaging the screen packaging in a way that may allow moisture and oxygen to enter.

The report indicated that Apple was concerned about reducing the life span of the screens and the possibility of damage due to the possibility of moisture and oxygen passing through the new front opening into the phone.

It is said that Apple asked Samsung to change the process of producing the intended screens in order to reduce the risks.

Samsung’s plan was to reduce the risk by using laser-based technology, but Apple instead asked the company to use an inkjet-like method to seal the edges of the engraved area.

The report confirmed that the two methods were sufficient to completely block the area and remove Apple’s concerns, but the iPhone owner preferred her own method through inkjet, which is the same that LG adopts in the manufacture of iPhone 14 Pro Max screens as well.

Apple has not yet received complaints of damage to the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max screens since its launch last October, although the problem of horizontal lines in the screens was recently monitored.

The problem of horizontal lines in the iPhone 14 Pro

A number of users of the latest Apple phones have confirmed that they are facing a problem with the sudden appearance of horizontal lines, but Apple replied that it is a software problem in the iOS system and not in the hardware, and it will be resolved through updates.

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