Apple introduces the “MagSafe” magnetic mount, capable of charging iPhone devices in the car

Follow-up – Jawdat Nasri

Apple has officially agreed to launch the MagSafe car charger in the market, which is used as a magnetic holder for iPhone phones and at the same time charges them inside the car, two years after Apple announced the provision of MagSafe for iPhones, and Belkin, the manufacturer, explained The holder has the advantages that push you to buy it and not others.

MagSafe Charger Advantages

According to what was mentioned in the “The Verge” website, the magnetic holder that Apple introduced in its stores offers a series of advantages for iPhone users, which are in points:

The magnetic mount can hold your iPhone so you can see any maps or control any other options you wish to make.

Provides charging power of 15 watts.

The new version of the magnetic mount includes a built-in USB-C cable to deliver power from your car to your phone.

12V car charger adapter for cars with USB-A ports.

Flexibility to use the phone, as the holder helps to use the phone in any position, whether horizontal or vertical.

The charger costs only $99.9, and is available in white.

It is worth noting that the charging of the Belkin Boost Charge Pro Wireless Car Charger with MagSafe is scheduled to begin on November 14.

Adoption of a “USB-C” charging port in 2024

According to European Union law, Apple plans to rely on a USB-C charging port, as part of a policy of standardizing a single charger port of this type for all electronic devices, whether smartphones, tablets and digital cameras.

Apple will have to start following this path before the fall of 2024, and according to what was reported in the newspaper “the sun”, “Joswiak,” Apple’s head of marketing, said that the famous American phone company will already comply with the new European Union law, after it obtained On the final approval obligating all companies to standardize the use of the standard carrier. USB-C.

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