Announced in January, Xbox Games With Gold includes fast-paced completion

Announced in January, Xbox Games With Gold includes fast-paced completion

Microsoft announced the Xbox Game Gold titles for January 2023. Subscribers will be able to grab an Xbox One with a quick Iris Fall completion next week, and then a colorful Sim Autonauts later this month.

Next month’s Gold Games titles have now been confirmed, with Iris Fall progressing from next week, followed by Autonauts in mid-January.

Xbox Gold Games January 2023

Autumn iris (from January 1st to 31st)
Navigators (from January 16th to February 15th)

Autumn Iris seems quick and easy to complete, with the puzzle game taking about 1-2 hours here on TA. It looks like all 22 achievements can be unlocked pretty quickly, and the game isn’t half bad either, with a respectable user score of 3.51/5.

Autonauts, meanwhile, feels like a more involved game, and while the automation sim has an impressive User Score of 4.38/5, we don’t have enough data to fully rate its completeness. However, from the few completions we have on the site, it seems like unlocking all 19 of the achievements here could take 100 hours or more, so you’ll need to spend a lot of time designing a bunch of bots and other tools to see through.

Don’t forget to hold December games with gold Get the Colt Kenyon nickname if you haven’t already, because it’ll only be available for a few more days. If you don’t like any of these things, check it out Best free xbox games To see if there is anything you might enjoy.

What about games with gold titles for January? Let us know!

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