An uproar about the secret of the “murder” .. Harry and Megan are pouring oil on the burning scandals of the documentary

British Prince “Harry” and his wife “Meghan” rejected criticism of a documentary series about their lives, in a statement issued by their spokesperson, in which he said that the couple had never mentioned that privacy was a reason for abandoning their royal duties.

In the first three episodes of the much-anticipated series, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed a series of revelations, including Meghan’s recollection of her first death threat, Harry’s talk of having to go undercover to meet Meghan, and unseen footage of their son Archie.

According to figures reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the first episode attracted 2.4 million viewers in Britain on the day of its broadcast, prompting some to criticize the couple because they had previously strongly complained about the media’s interference in their lives.

However, a statement issued by the couple’s media advisor rejected this torrent of criticism.

“The Duke and Duchess never cited privacy as a reason for waiver. This distorted narrative is intended to force them to remain silent,” the statement said.

“They chose to share their story, on their own terms, and yet the tabloids have created a completely false narrative that permeates press coverage and public opinion,” he added.

The statement highlighted that Harry and Meghan did not mention privacy as a reason when waiving royal duties in January 2020 and expressed their desire to continue their public roles and duties. Their statement in 2020 did not mention a reason for the decision to give up their status in the royal family.

Days after the decision, they issued a warning about paparazzi harassment.

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