An official report from the Egyptian government on the strangest and most dangerous rumors in 2022

The media center of the Egyptian Council of Ministers revealed the strangest rumors that were issued during the past months, targeting economic, service, government and public facilities sectors and fields.

A report issued by the center on Sunday morning touched on the strangest rumors that spread in Egypt, including the Ministry of Endowments issuing instructions to prevent children from attending Friday and Eid prayers in mosques, and the government offering more than 5,000 Egyptian artifacts for sale in a public auction, as well as the circulation of warning messages that include the existence of Attempts to kidnap some girls on public transportation and metro trains by anesthetizing them with a needle.

The report added that the strangest rumors also included the government issuing a decision to increase the punishment for Naming births The new names are foreign to the Egyptian society, in addition to the issuance of a decision to permanently ban children under the legal age from entering the pyramids area in Giza, and the rumor of imposing fees on public university students as a condition for performing exams, and the rumor of the Ministry of Communications launching electronic applications on the phone to grant citizens financial loans, as well as the containment of gasoline Manganese and other metals, which cause car breakdowns.

privatization of health insurance

Rumors also included the ships taking alternative routes toSuez Canal As a result of the decision to raise the transit fees in the canal, and the rumor of the government’s intention to privatize the comprehensive health insurance system, as well as the issuance of a decision to cancel treatment at the expense of the state in the various governorates of the Republic, and the implementation of the national project to develop villages within the presidential initiative “a decent life” stopped.

According to the report, rumors related to the achievements also included a video circulation claiming that the projects of the New Administrative Capital were limited to the government district only, in addition to a rumor that the presidential initiative to “eliminate waiting lists for surgeries and critical medical interventions” had stopped, and a rumor that all solar power plants in Egypt had stopped, coinciding with low temperatures. the heat.

digital transformation

The rumors included the state’s intention to lay off thousands of employees in conjunction with the expansion of the application of digital transformation, and the state’s focus on implementing infrastructure projects at the expense of interest in increasing the agricultural area, in addition to the government’s intention to sell the Zoo and Orman Zoo to foreign parties in conjunction with preparations for their development.

As for the most dangerous rumors, according to what the report reveals, they included Egypt’s exposure to shortage crises and the disappearance of food commodities as a result of the repercussions of the global food crisis, in addition to a rumor of a liquidity crisis affecting the Egyptian banking sector, which threatens to expose the state to bankruptcy, in addition to the government’s intention to privatize government hospitals in preparation for the abolition of free treatment for citizens. And the rumor of amending the Unified Tax Procedures Law to allow the Tax Authority to view the bank accounts of citizens.

In addition to the above, the most dangerous rumors also included the government’s intention to cancel bread subsidies for ration card holders, the emergence of cases of “cholera” in a number of governorates of the Republic, as well as the spread of adulterated and non-conforming medicines in pharmacies, and natural gas connections to heaters caused Cases of suffocation of citizens, in addition to the circulation of banned agricultural pesticides that cause crop poisoning in the markets, and the spread of foot-and-mouth disease among livestock in Egypt.

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