An official in charge of searching the artist, Menna Shalaby, reveals a surprise about the place of concealment and the type of drugs that were seized in her possession

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The investigation authorities in the case of the artist, Menna Shalaby, heard the statements of the Cairo Air Port customs officer who supervised her inspection.

The Customs Commissioner, Cairo Air Port, and an official of inspection of its bags, said that a number of bags were found inside small green pieces, suspected of being narcotic marijuana and finding a number of electronic cigarettes with oil, which is suspected of being a substance Narcotic among the folds of the passenger’s clothing in her luggage.

He added that after finding the narcotic substances, he notified the director of the department so that a committee would be formed and an inventory form issued, of what had been seized and the director of the department notified to dispose of it.

He indicated that while he was doing his work, he found 6 plastic bags marked with black chee, inside of which was a green plant suspected to be from the marijuana plant. It has cannabis written on it, and inside it is a green plant that will not differ from the rest in that it contains the drug marijuana plant. A plastic bag marked with purple punch contains green girls inside, which is suspected to be the specific marijuana plant.

The Public Prosecution Office had referred Menna Shalaby to criminal trial before the Criminal Court at the conclusion of the investigations conducted with her, as it charged her with obtaining the essence of narcotic hashish with the intention of using it in cases other than those authorized by law.


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