An official apology from the BBC after sexual screams on air

The BBC apologized to its fans, Wednesday, after they heard “sexual screams” during live coverage of the Liverpool and Wolver Hampton match in the FA Cup, on Tuesday.

And at the moment I heard the sounds of pornographic screams, the presenter of the “Match of the Day” program, and the former England player, Gary Lineker, laughed when I interfered with his voice.

And the BBC revealed that the cause of the pornographic sounds was a mobile phone planted by prank maker and YouTuber Daniel Jarvis in a studio at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton.

Lineker tweeted after the episode with a picture of the mobile phone he said was “taped to the back of the table”, describing it as “a good and fun joke”.

But the BBC issued official statement It said: “We apologize to any viewers who were upset during the live coverage of the football match.”

A spokesman for the BBC confirmed that the network is investigating the incident.

Later, in an interview with the BBC, Lineker expressed that he could see the funny side of the story, and asked why the network had apologized.

Jarvis claimed he was behind the stunt, posting a video on Twitter of himself in the studio.

Jarvis was sentenced to eight weeks in prison, suspended last October, after he was found guilty of trespassing due to an accident in which he collided with English cricket player Johnny Bairstow, while entering the “Oval” stadium or the Oval in south London during a test match, and he was also prevented from attending. Any venue where a sporting match is being played in England and Wales for two years.

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