An Israeli was killed and others were wounded in two explosions in Jerusalem…and the police are mobilizing and arresting 3

Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondent reported that there was a great security alert in Jerusalem after the two attacks that targeted two bus stations in Jerusalem, indicating that the police arrested 3 people suspected of connection to the two explosions.

A statement by the Israeli police said that two explosions occurred near two bus stations in Jerusalem, 30 minutes apart today, Wednesday, and that they were suspected of being a Palestinian attack.

According to Israeli reports, an Israeli was killed due to his injury in the explosion at the entrance to Jerusalem. The number of injured in the two explosions rose to 15, including 4 serious cases.

The first explosion occurred near the Jerusalem bus station, targeting an Israeli army bus. Medics stated that at least 10 people were injured, two of them seriously.

The cause of the explosion was not immediately known, and the police announced an investigation.

Paramedic Yosef Haim Gabbay, who was at the scene when the explosion occurred, told Army Radio, “There is damage everywhere here,” and that some of the wounded were bleeding profusely.

Hospitals in Jerusalem reported that they had received 12 injured as a result of the explosion, two of whom were in critical condition, and two were in critical condition.

While the cause has not yet been determined, the explosion comes amid escalating tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, months after Israeli raids in the occupied West Bank, following a series of bloody attacks against Israelis that killed 19 people.

The Israeli ambulance service said earlier that an explosion occurred near a bus station at the entrance to Jerusalem, wounding at least seven people today, Wednesday.

According to Israeli reports, 4 of those injured in the explosion at the entrance to Jerusalem are in serious condition.

The Israeli army radio said that the explosion occurred as a result of an explosive device planted in the place

She added that the cause of the explosion is still unknown.

Television footage showed scattered debris at the site of the blast, which was cordoned off by emergency services.

Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondent stated that the two explosions in Jerusalem were carried out by two explosive devices that were detonated remotely by a mobile phone. He added that a second explosion occurred in the Ramot settlement in Jerusalem, causing 3 minor injuries.

He pointed out that the Israeli police closed a number of entrances to the city of Jerusalem. He added that there was a great security alert in Jerusalem, and no one was arrested in connection with the two bombings.

The blasts came after months of tension in the occupied West Bank after the Israeli army launched a security crackdown in the wake of a series of deadly attacks in Israel.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced earlier that a boy was killed and 4 other Palestinians were wounded by Israeli soldiers’ bullets during clashes that took place on Tuesday night between the Israeli army and Palestinian gunmen in the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank.

On the other hand, the Israeli army said that the body of an Israeli Druze youth who died at the age of 18 in a traffic accident in the West Bank was “taken” from a hospital in Jenin, one of the strongholds of the Palestinian armed factions in the northern occupied West Bank.

Local sources reported that the body is currently in the possession of a Palestinian armed group.

Armed Palestinian factions have previously kidnapped Israelis, dead or alive, in order to exchange them for Palestinian prisoners and recover the bodies of Palestinian activists who fell in clashes with Israeli forces.

Two weeks ago, two Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in Jenin, in the West Bank, after a Palestinian was killed by Israeli army bullets in the morning in Jerusalem.

And the newspaper (Jerusalem Post) announced that the Israeli army announced that its soldiers had entered Jenin to “carry out an operation.”

In the wake of bloody attacks in Israel since last March, the Israeli army launched more than 2,000 raids and security operations in the West Bank, especially in the areas of Jenin and Nablus (north), which are considered strongholds for armed groups.

These raids and clashes, some of which took place, resulted in the killing of more than 125 Palestinians, the largest toll in 7 years, according to the United Nations.

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