An image that fluctuates communication.. What did Zelensky bring to the Americans from the battlefields?

Coming from his country, which was wracked by war 10 months ago, he arrived Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky To the United States, on Wednesday, bringing with him a gift to those who provided him with great assistance.

The large Ukrainian flag, which appeared carried by the Speaker of the US Parliament, Nancy Pelosi, and US Vice President Kamala Harris, and in front of them the Ukrainian President, caused a sensation on social media, amid questions about what the writings were written on.

The signatures of stationed soldiers

Until it became clear that Zelensky had arrived in the US Congress to present, at the conclusion of a historic speech he delivered in the Capitol, a Ukrainian flag he had brought with him from the battlefield.

The president told members of Congress in both houses that this flag is a gift from Ukrainian military personnel fighting on the front line in Bakhmut, a city he visited on Tuesday, on the eve of his first trip abroad since the Russian military operation began last February.

Zelensky presented the flag signed by the fighters to Kamala Harris, US Vice President, and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, amid warm applause from members of Congress, saying: “When I was in Bakhmut yesterday, our heroes presented me with the battle flag, the flag of those who defend Ukraine, Europe and the world.” and give their lives.”

“They asked me to bring this flag to you, to the members of the House of Representatives and Senators whose decisions can protect millions of people,” he added, adding, “Make these decisions, and let the flag stay with you, ladies and gentlemen.”

As Zelensky continued, “This flag, the ‘victory’ flag, is a sign that ‘we will win because we are united, Ukraine, America, and all the free world’.”

“We will not surrender”

It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian president had arrived at Andrews Air Base on board a US military plane in his first foreign visit since the start of the Russian military operation to his country on February 24.

Biden received the Ukrainian President at the White House, and assured him of the strength and solidity of the Western alliance in the face of the Russian invasion, announcing new US aid worth $1.85 billion.

While the visitor thanked his American counterpart, emphasizing the composure of his forces on the battlefields, stressing that he would never surrender.

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