An Egyptian artist prevented his wife and children from watching his movie because of an embarrassing scene

Shocking scenes witnessed by some works of art, including the movie “Dil Al-Samaka”, written by the late Waheed Hamid, directed by Samir Seif, and the championship was won by Amr Waked, accompanied by a large number of guests of honor.

The scenes of filming the work revealed by the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Al-Taji, in a television interview, where he told the details of his participation in the work.

Al-Taji met Waheed Hamed and Samir Seif in a hotel, and they told him the story of the work being prepared.

Indeed, he filmed his own scenes until they reached the last scene, but he was surprised by the director asking him to enter the bedroom, and filming the scene in a way that made him feel ashamed.

Al-Taji was embarrassed, but the director insisted, and the artist responded to him, considering that the director is the master of the decision on the set.

On that day, Al-Taji went to his house, and asked his wife not to take his children to the cinema in order to watch the movie, especially since they are used to this in any work that he is starring in, but he prevented her this time, saying: “Your eye, you take the children and go to this movie.”

He then confirmed that Providence saved him, when the censorship authority intervened on artistic works, and deleted large scenes from the film, including large parts of that scene, and therefore did not appear to the audience in the form that was filmed.

During the meeting, Al-Taji revealed his apology for not participating in the movie “The Yacoubian Building”, because it contained an embarrassing scene, which the community refused to see.

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