An angry farewell message against the Tehran regime.. A video of an Iranian before his suicide

The 38-year-old Iranian young man, who resides in Lyon, south-central France, committed suicide. He found no other way but to end his life to express the oppression that Iranians are subjected to.

In a video posted on Instagram, he said on Monday that he had decided to commit suicide in the Rhone River, and decided to do this to show everyone that Iranians needed help.

A message to the people of Iran

He added, “This video is about my suicide. I should have drowned in this river when you watch this video.”

Moradi, who has been living in Lyon since 2019 with his wife, also added: “I hope that my death will catch the attention of at least part of the media abroad, and I also hope that this is a message to the people of Iran that they should not think that Iranians abroad do not share with them.” their grief.”

After searching for about half an hour, Lyon emergency services found his body stuck to branches in the water.

And he said goodbye to his friend

One of Muhammad’s colleagues, Touma, said in an interview with French TV Network One, that this Iranian sent him a farewell message the day before he committed suicide. He added that his efforts and those of his parents to dissuade Muhammad had failed.

Moradi’s classmate also continued that he often spoke about the political climate in Iran, and he often expressed his hope for the fall of the regime.

It is noteworthy that the government’s suppression of protests in Iran left hundreds dead, including dozens of children and adolescents, and the authorities executed two protesters, while dozens face the death penalty, and about 20,000 protesters are in prison.

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