An American working in a relief organization was killed by gunmen in Baghdad

Iraqi police sources revealed that an American citizen was killed today, Monday, in the capital, Baghdad, after a failed attempt to kidnap him.

She added that the body was transferred to a hospital in the Karrada neighborhood of the Iraqi capital, while an initial report from the hospital indicated that he died from a bullet.

“According to our initial investigations and eyewitnesses, gunmen tried to kidnap the American citizen,” said an Iraqi police major.

Another source from the police also stated that the victim was carrying an identity card that showed that he works as an English language teacher, according to “Reuters”.

American Stephen Edward Troll

American Stephen Edward Troll

No one has claimed responsibility

In addition, two Iraqi police officials said on condition of anonymity that the man was shot while driving through the Karrada area on the eastern bank of the Tigris River, but the reason for his targeting was not clear, and no party immediately claimed responsibility.

The two security officials confirmed the killing of the American citizen, who was working for an international aid organization, without giving his name. They added that the details were not available yet, but the investigation is ongoing.

US State Department: We are waiting for the reports

On the other hand, US embassy officials contacted by The Associated Press said they had heard about the shooting and had no information about it.

As the US State Department said, “We are awaiting reports on the killing of an American citizen in Baghdad.”

American Stephen Edward Troll

American Stephen Edward Troll

Tahoe and black Mercedes

In addition, the correspondent of “Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath” reported that unknown persons assassinated an American citizen named Stephen Edward Troll, with bullets in the Karrada area – Al-Sina’a Street – near Rafidain Bank, and he was killed on the spot.

He also indicated that the assassination took place while the citizen was driving his personal white Prado vehicle, explaining that the perpetrators were using two cars, the first black Tahoe and the second a black Mercedes.

The reporter indicated that the American citizen works for the Millennium Organization for Relief and Development Services, which is affiliated with the US Agency for Development. Currently, the body is in Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

rare attacks

It is noteworthy that such attacks on individuals in the Iraqi capital are rare since the defeat of ISIS in 2017, but sometimes missiles are fired at the US embassy.

The coalition forces led by Washington recently ended their combat mission in Iraq, but they continue to play an advisory role for the Iraqi forces in their battle against ISIS.

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