An American federal committee warns against “Tik Tok” .. and stresses: The ban is a necessity

US Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Brendan Carr has revealed that the US government should ban Tik Tok app, instead of reaching a national security agreement with the social media appwhich may allow him to continue to work in America.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, the multi-agency government body tasked with reviewing business deals involving foreign ownership, has spent months negotiating with the company that owns the TikTok app over a proposal to resolve concerns that Chinese government authorities may seek access to the app’s data. Famous for American users.

And earlier this year, the company that owns the “Tik Tok” application, said that it had migrated its user data in the United States to servers operated by “Oracle”, but concerns persisted about whether “Tik Tok” employees were in China or the parent company. ByteDance”, they will still be able to access that information.

These bipartisan concerns were raised again last September, when TikTok refused to commit to cutting off data flows to China under pressure from US lawmakers.

According to CNN, a TikTok spokesperson said, “The FCC commissioner has no direct role or knowledge of confidential discussions with the US government related to the TikTok application, and is not in a position to discuss what these negotiations involve. ongoing”.

“We are confident that we are on the path to reaching an agreement with the United States government that will reduce reasonable national security concerns,” the spokesman added.

Carr said he did not meet with member agencies of the Federal Communications Commission or the White House to specifically raise the issue, though he noted that the topic may have come up casually amid other routine discussions.

Carr’s call to ban the Chinese app was first reported by Axios, and the notes expanded on his previous calls to Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores.

Carr acknowledged that, as an official with the Federal Communications Commission, his ability to regulate TikTok’s work is limited, noting that the Department of Commerce or the Federal Trade Commission may have more legal authority over the company.

However, Carr said, his call to ban the app reflects “a natural progression of thinking” and is being informed by his agency’s work to reduce China’s influence in US telecommunications networks.

The Federal Communications Commission has taken several steps to prevent or ban Chinese telecommunications companies from selling equipment or services in the United States, due to allegations that these companies may also have to give up data they hold on U.S. communications to the Chinese government.

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