An alternative to Akram Tawfik? The Smouha player admits that there are negotiations from Al-Ahly to include him

Khaled Abdel-Fattah, the Smouha player, confirmed the existence of negotiations from Al-Ahly Club to include him in the coming period, in light of Akram Tawfiq’s injury to a cut in the cruciate ligament of the knee.

Abdel-Fattah said in statements on Ontime Sports: “My closest destination? According to my agent, where he sees my future, and where I will play more.. Also, the decision of Faraj Amer, the president of Smouha, is the one who will decide my next destination.”

He added, “Things are still in the negotiation stage between the two clubs and Smouha. And any player who wishes to play for Al-Ahly and Zamalek .. I am not inclined to one team over another, I am a player in the ranks of Smouha now.

And the right-back of Smouha, who participated in the Al-Ahly match, continued: “Playing for the two poles is an honor, and the two clubs communicated with the president of Smouha, and this happened at the end of last season, specifically in the last 3 or 4 rounds.”

And Khaled Abdel-Fattah concluded: “I am 23 years old, and there are two seasons remaining in my contract with Smouha, and Faraj Amer, the club president, does not adhere to a player who offers him offers, and does not stand in the way of any player.”

Akram Tawfiq was severely injured during his participation in Al-Ahly Al-Sabahi training session last Friday, and he conducted several medical examinations, to ascertain the exact nature of the injury.

And Al-Ahly Club officially announced yesterday evening, Saturday, that Akram Tawfiq had a cut in the cruciate ligament of the knee, after he conducted several medical examinations over the past 24 hours.

Ahmed Abu Abla, head of Al-Ahly’s medical staff, is currently completing the procedures for Tawfiq’s travel to Austria, to perform the surgery before the end of this month, with the knowledge of the doctor who previously performed the first surgery on him earlier..


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