An agreement between the two countries and the Federation amazes victory.. a historic decision

Khaled Al-Baltan, Chairman of the Board of Directors youth clubA historic decision in the case of international star Ahmed Sharahili.

And theShrahili He signed the contracts to officially transfer to the first football team of Al-Ittihad Club, in January 2022; After entering the free period with the youth.

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And after signing with Union Club.. Al-Baltan filed an official complaint against Shrahili and the brigadier general, on charges of negotiating between them, during the protected period of his contract.

* Historic agreement between the youth and the union “amazes” the victory

In this context, the sports journalist Saud Al-Sarami announced that the youth agreed to withdraw his case against Al-Ittihad and Sharahili, in exchange for “reconciliation” between all parties.

Al-Sarami revealed, in television statements, that this “reconciliation”; It comes due to the end of the term of the presidency of Khaled Al-Baltan, and his counterpart in the Federation, Anmar Al-Haili, during the month of July.

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The sports journalist added: “The two presidents want to end their mandates in Al-Shabab and Al-Ittihad, without any differences or issues between them.”

Al-Sarami explained that “reconciliation”; It consists in paying Al-Ittihad a sum of money to Al-Shabab, in exchange for Al-Baltan’s waiver of the case, in respect of the player’s desire to wear the dean’s shirt.

This decision would represent “astonishment” in AL-Nasser clubwho entered into his violent opponents with Al-Ittihad, and was awaiting the punishment of the latter, in the two cases of Shrahili, in addition to the great Moroccan star Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah.

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