All you need to know about the Al-Ahly and American Sounders match in the Club World Cup

Al-Ahly team is playing a very important confrontation against the American Seattle Sounders, in the quarter-finals of the Club World Cup, in its journey to compete for a new medal in the Club World Cup.

Q: What did Al-Ahly do in the kick-off?

A: Al-Ahly team achieved a big victory over Auckland City with three goals without a response, scored by Hussein Al-Shahat, Mohamed Sharif and Percy Tao, in the first preliminary round of the Club World Cup held in Morocco.

Q: When will Al-Ahly face the American Sounders?

A: Al-Ahly will meet the American team Seattle Sounders, the champion of the North American continent (CONCACAF), next Saturday evening, at exactly 7:30 Cairo local time.

Q: What did Kohler say after the win over Auckland City?

A: Marcel Koller confirmed that Al-Ahly achieved its goal during the match against Auckland City, the New Zealand champion, in the opening match of the Club World Cup, which brought the two teams together at Ibn Battuta Stadium in the Moroccan city of Tangier, by winning three goals without a response and qualifying for the quarter-finals. The championship final., Koller expressed his reservations about the performance in the first half, stressing that the players did not perform the required performance, and there were some problems until Al-Ahly scored the goal of progress, which gave the team confidence.

And the coach added: “I spoke with the players between the two halves of the match and asked them not to press from the front and transfer the pressure to the middle of the field, to force the opponent to make a greater effort and open his lines with a quick attacking move in the event of possession of the ball.”

Q: What are Al-Ahly’s gains from facing Auckland?

A: Al-Ahly continued its record numbers in the Club World Cup during its eighth participation in the tournament, which opened yesterday in the Moroccan city of Tangier, with Al-Ahly and Auckland City meeting in the preliminary round of the tournament, and it is the first time that Al-Ahly has played in the preliminary role since the beginning of its participation in 2005.

Al-Ahly continued to lead the list of the clubs with the most matches in the tournament, with 19 matches, followed by New Zealand’s Auckland City, with 17 matches, then Spanish Real Madrid and Mexico’s Monterrey, with 12 matches each.

Al-Ahly also ranked second in the list of the clubs that achieved the most victory in the tournament, in partnership with Barcelona, ​​​​Spain, with seven wins, after Real Madrid, which achieved 12 wins in the championship. Al-Ahly also ranked fourth in the list of clubs that scored the most goals with 20 goals, after Real Madrid. The Spaniard ranks first with 31 goals, followed by Monterrey with 24 goals, then Barcelona in third place with 23 goals.

Q: What about players earnings?

A: In terms of the numbers of Al-Ahly players, Hussein Al-Shahat topped the list of the players of the current generation in Al-Ahly participating in the Club World Cup with ten matches, including six matches with Al-Ahly and four with Al-Ain of the United Arab Emirates, followed by Mohamed Hani, Taher Mohamed Taher and Aliou Diang, with seven matches each. Among them, then Ali Maaloul, Amr Al-Suleya, Hamdi Fathi, Muhammad Majdi Afsha and Rami Rabia, with six matches each.


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