“Al-Sudairy” mentions some famous examples and their meanings..and reveals the strangest things a groom said to his bride after the wedding night

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Writer Mishaal Al-Sudairi revealed the most famous popular examples, explaining what is meant by them.

Hit The beloved

He said during an article published in the newspaper “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” entitled “Proverbs and Sayings (4)”, 63: I do not accompany you, I do not agree with you, and I do not separate from you, (Aman, my Lord, Aman) – this is what is a friend, this is (Nishba Ghalis). 64: A doctor who treats people while he is sick – Praise be to God, I am not a doctor, nor is he a sick person who cannot be cured. 65: Two blows to the head hurt – so if it was ten strikes?! 66: My husband lies to me and I lie to the neighbors – and the neighbors lie to the people of the whole country, and (the book of good deeds and bad deeds is open).

oboist Neighborhood no rejoice

And he continued: 67: The pipe of the neighborhood does not sound – and this applies to my honor; Because I don’t have (group). 68: He will perform ablution in sweat – he deserves it, meaning that he found nothing but the flowing river in which he swims and performs ablution, in general, may God have mercy on him and (restore it).

69: Your mouth reminded me of my family’s donkey – this proverb was said by a groom to his bride after the wedding night. 70: A dog’s tail never straightens – How many dogs are human beings that I see in assemblies, and their tails are straight like rulers because of the many operations.

under aunt Monkey

And he added: 71: The abode of the oppressor is ruined, even after a while – maybe it is true, and maybe God knows best. 72: A goat under the cloak – however, there is another proverb that says (The aunt’s sack is the aunt’s sack under the aunt is a monkey), and this applies to some turban wearers in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 73: lay round eggs, and ask for turkey broilers – and by the way, turkey eggs are oval in shape. 75: They held on until they were able – and I do not know if this is the advice of a sheep or a fox, or (an advisor who brings the feast)?! 74: His pen does not sympathize except with evil – as for my pen, it does not sympathize with evil at all, but it sings in the manner of (Nero).

They came out Khreen

And he continued: 76: We counted them in Al-Baida as men – but unfortunately they turned out to be devout, and I do not say obedient. 77: Eat and drink and let the world ruin – on the condition that you have (pronoun). 78: A country where you don’t know how to do what you want – I mean, do (the ducklings) and don’t care and stay away from (street boys). 79: The funeral is a protector and the dead is a dog – How many funerals and how many dogs.

The blind Gift him

And he added: 80: Why did she not cook the amsha for her husband to have dinner – and also his leg (above his head). 81: They said to the cows, “If you give them enough for you,” they said, “If only they would leave our skins for us.” 82: The one whom the blind used to guide has gone astray – and may God have mercy on him who said: If the crow is a guide for a people – he passes by them on the carcasses of dogs


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