“Al-Sudairi” tells the story of a mosque imam who defrauded worshipers and seized millions of dollars from them. Another claimed to be a cleric and asked women to take off their clothes.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Mishaal Al-Sudairi, narrated the story of a mosque imam, who defrauded worshipers, and obtained millions of dollars from them, and another claimed to be a cleric and asked women to take off their clothes.

The monument to worshipers

Al-Sudairi said in his article entitled “Judge between you, reader” in “Asharq Al-Awsat”, Turkish religious affairs expelled the imam of a large mosque in Ankara, which is frequented by employees and senior officials of the Turkish state and other ordinary citizens, after he deceived and deceived the worshipers and obtained from them more than (3.4) million dollars.

The writer pointed to what the Turkish News Agency (Cihan) said that he defrauded the worshipers and obtained currencies from them after confirming his ability to return the money with high profits.

The writer commented, if this is what (some) clerics do, then do we then have the right to say: If the owner of the house beats the tambourine…then the people of the house are all dancing and (dukqi, mazika)!!

An impostor who demands women to take off their clothes

And he added, almost in the same way, but in another malicious and innovative way. Here is what happened in it: In the most recent incident, the Dubai police imprisoned an impostor who is of an Arab nationality and claims to be a clergyman who used social media and Instagram to promote and announce his miraculous abilities in solving marital problems. Reconciliation between lovers, doing witchcraft and dissolving them in return for sums of money amounting to 15 thousand dirhams per session, and their number exceeds (1500) people, both men and women, meaning that he obtained nearly (23) million dirhams.

And he continued, and Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation Affairs, confirmed that the fraudster’s fraud on his customers comes despite the continuous warnings to members of the public not to follow the charlatans and charlatans.

And the writer continued, and pointed out that this impostor struck ethics against the wall when he was asking his female victims to take off their clothes to write incantations of work on their bodies, to decipher the works, which provoked some victims and they resorted to reporting – and this malicious person does not demand to take off clothes and write incantations on the bodies except from women specifically – And what is the difference between the owners of (antichrist turbans).

Which one is better!!

The writer shed light on what a Spanish billionaire did, who surprised the people of the village (Sritalzdel Kunzao), when they woke up and saw that they had all turned into millionaires, after the death of that rich man who bequeathed part of his estate to the people of the village, and the villagers were surprised that the Spanish billionaire Antonino Fernandez (99 years), the owner of one of the largest (alcoholic beverages) companies, before his death last August, bequeathed to give all 80 residents of the village in which he was born, about $ 210 million.

The writer concluded his article by saying, Calculate it with me, to find that each of them entered into his account (2) million dollars and (625) thousand dollars – and my embarrassing question is: Which is more right: the owner of this beverage company, or the fake sheikhs?! – and you have to judge. Between them, dear (fair) reader.


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