Al-Hilal is threatened with serious penalties.. an official decision from CAS

has become Crescent Clubsubject to a huge “sports penalty”, during the next few weeks, by a decision of the International Court of Sports “CAS”.

Al-Hilal suffers from a large fluctuation in results during the current sports season; It ranks fourth in the rankings Roshan Saudi Pro League 2022-2023, with 17 points.

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Al-Hilal leader is 5 points away from the first football team in Al-Ahly Club YoungThe leader in the league.

Al-Hilal is threatened with huge “sports penalties”

In this context, the sports lawyer, Ahmed Al-Sheikhi, revealed the possibility of depriving Al-Hilal of contracts, two registration periods.

Al-Sheikhy announced, through his official account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, an official decision by the “Cas” court, to hold its session in the case of the Brazilian star Gabriel, against Al Hilal Club, a week from now.

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He explained that Gabriel accused Al Hilal of “bad faith” and asked the International Sports Court to deprive the first football team of contracts; In breach of the agreement signed between them, in 2019.

– So… what are the details of the agreement between Al Hilal and the Brazilian star Gabriel?!

The year 2019 witnessed the signing of Al Hilal, an agreement with the Brazilian Corinthians, Gabriel Club at the time, to contract the player officially.

After this agreement, the Crescent Administration began negotiating with the player and his agent; As tickets were sent from Brazil to Riyadh, to sign contracts.

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Gabriel failed to travel on the flight booked by Al Hilal; He justified this by his association with an important match, with the Corinthians first-team football club.

The Brazilian star informed Al Hilal club officials to travel the next day to Riyadh, but he was surprised to inform the leader’s management of him, canceling the agreement, and contracting with the Colombian star. Gustavo Cuellar.

Gabriel, the leader’s castle, was given only 24 hours to complete the contract deal with him, but Al Hilal completely ignored the response. Eventually, the case will reach the Court of Sports.

And if it is denied

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