Al-Hilal, Al-Ittihad, or Al-Ahly… Exciting scenes that decide Messi’s final destination

“Bewildered” the Argentine legend Lionel Messi, the whole world; regarding his future, during the coming period.

There were conflicting reports about Messi’s future. Between renewal with French club Paris Saint-Germainor a new experience.

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The Argentine legend is receiving interest from his former club Spanish Barcelonain addition to the American Inter Miami.

And in Saudi Arabia, Messi was associated with moving to Al-Hilal or Al-Ittihad, before the name Al-Ahly club suddenly appeared.

* Journey of Bin Nafel and Al-Haili

The head of the Crescent, Fahd bin Nafel, traveled to the French capital, Paris, in the past few days. To agree with Messi.

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And it coincided with the travel of Bin Nafel.. the presence of a president Union Club Anmar Al-Haili, also in Paris; Trying to divert Messi’s destination, to Jeddah.

* Al-Ahly, “the star of the next season”

the big surprise; It was mentioned by the journalist Saud Al-Sarami; Regarding the agreement with Messi, to move to Alahli football club.

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Al-Sarami stressed that Al-Ahly will be the star of the next season. And he will be compensated after returning to the professional league, with historic deals.

– So.. What was Messi’s last destination before retiring, “Al-Hilal, Al-Ittihad or Al-Ahly” ?!

Looks like Lionel Messi, he chose Crescent Club, to join it; Because of his heroism and honorable history, both locally and abroad.

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According to the journalist Abdullah Al-Fuhaid, Messi’s team of “lawyers and administrators” is in Riyadh, to see his residence, before signing with Al-Hilal, officially.

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