Al-Hara movie and Munther Rayahna: the controversy moves to parliament, and a deputy calls for revoking the nationality of the Jordanian actor

The Jordanian Al-Hara movie

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The artist, Munther Rayahna, is the hero of the Jordanian movie Al-Hara

The controversy over the movie “Al-Hara” moved to the Jordanian parliament after a Jordanian government deputy demanded that the nationality of the film’s hero, Munther Rayahna, be revoked and that he be prosecuted.

Representative Suleiman Abu Yahya called on the government to revoke the nationality of the Jordanian actor because of his statements about the movie “Al-Hara”, which was shown on the Netflix platform at the beginning of this year, and some considered it “offensive to society.”

“Uglier than sin excuse”

Representative Suleiman Abu Yahya said in a legislative session of the House of Representatives: “I demand the government to revoke the citizenship of Rayhana after his fierce defense of the content of the movie Al-Hara, despite popular discontent and rejection about the omitted words in his scenes that are outside the text of the Jordanian family.”

A few days ago, the artist, Rayahna, defended the film during a telephone interview with the “Nabd Al-Balad” program on the “Roya” channel, stressing that “Al-Hara sheds light on an oppressed group in Jordanian society,” which MP Abu Yahya considered “an excuse worse than sin.”

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