Al-Ashry: I do not want Ziad Tariq in Smouha.. and for this reason I excluded Al-Hani Suleiman

Tariq Al-Ashry, the coach of Smouha, confirmed that he did not need Ziad Tariq, the Al-Ahly player, to join the ranks of the Alexandrian Blue, during the current winter.

Ziyad Tariq and Hossam Hassan, the Al-Ahly duo, had moved on loan to the ranks of Smouha during the current winter transfers, as part of the transfer deal of Khaled Abdel-Fattah, the Alexandrian full-back, to the ranks of the Red Genie on loan until the end of the current season.

Al-Ashry said in statements on Ontime Sports Two: “(I don’t want Ziad Tariq), it was imposed on me,” before adding: “I had a player of Khaled Abdel-Fattah’s worth and he left the team without my consent.”

And the coach, who recently entered into a sharp dispute with Farag Amer, the president of Smouha Club, continued: “Who is the technical director of the team? The chairman of the board of directors is a chairman of the board, not a coach.

And he continued: “Khaled Abdel-Fattah left without my consent, and I am patient in order to achieve successes, and the team that was said to be relegated to the second division is now in the middle of the table, agreeing on many teams that have great capabilities.”

And Al-Ashry continued: “I refused Ziad Tariq joining the team, because I have players in his position, and yet I told him that if he proves himself, I will include him in my accounts during the coming period.”

Regarding the exclusion of Al-Hani Suleiman from Smouha’s goalkeeper against Ceramica Cleopatra, Al-Ashry said: “I will not reply.

And Tariq Al-Ashry concluded, saying: “Did I exclude him because he missed out on Al-Ahly? No, I did not say that..Did I exclude him because he does not focus technically, or because he is not on my side and against me? I excluded him because he does not focus technically.”

Al-Hani Suleiman had committed two mistakes in the last Al-Ahly and Smouha match, which resulted in two goals for Al-Ahmar, so that Al-Ashry replaced him immediately in the first half, from the meeting that Marcel Kohler’s sons won with three goals for one, in the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup.


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