Al-Ahly’s medical apparatus is racing against time to prepare the injured before the Club World Cup

Al-Ahly’s medical staff, led by Ahmed Abu Abla, is racing against time to reduce the number of injuries the team is currently suffering in order to recover more than one player in the Al-Ahly Bank match and the Club World Cup.

And he suffers Al-Ahly Among the many injuries in the recent period, including what needs long periods and will be absent for several months, such as Akram Tawfiq Karim Fouad, where the duo suffered an injury to the cruciate ligament, and there is also Mustafa Schubert, who also recently performed knee cartilage surgery in Austria, in addition to other injuries in the team that include Yasser Ibrahim, Amr El-Soleya, Mohamed Abdel-Moneim, Bruno Savio and Hamdy Fathy.

The draw for the Club World Cup was held and resulted in a confrontation Al-Ahly With Auckland City on the first of next February, then the qualifier from this opening match will face the Seattle Sounders team, the North American champion, on February 4 next. American Seattle in the quarter-finals.

Al-Ahly is participating in the 2023 FIFA World Cup, for the eighth time in its history, and the third in a row, and the red genie participated in 7 previous versions in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2020 and 2021..

Al-Ahly’s best results in the Club World Cup were winning the bronze medal on 3 occasions, in 2006 in Japan, 2020 in Qatar, and 2021 in the UAE..


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