“Aidh, this is your original name” .. Watch the surprised face of Muhammad Abdo

The artist Mohammed Abdo’s concert in Riyadh yesterday evening recorded a wide audience due to the love that the Saudi and Gulf public have for the voice of the Arab artist.

However, the ceremony witnessed many “jumps”. Perhaps the first of which was issued by the communication sites, the moment the Arab artist asked the young Ayed Youssef, the owner of the distinguished voice, if this was his original name, and why he did not think to change it.

The handsome young man replied, “You don’t like my name.” Laird Abdo, with a funny gesture on his face, expressing his doubts.

Then he went on to tell a story from the beginning of his artistic life, when he entered the radio at the age of 15, when they asked him to change his name, only to discover later that the reason was “Egyptian Mufti Muhammad Abdo”, according to him.

There was only applause among the audience

Hair dye

When the “Abdo” segment came with “Abdullah Al-Ruwaished”, he jokingly greeted him with the question, “Who is greater… me or you?”

The latter replied, “He is tall, artistic, and an older brother, Professor Muhammad Abdo, may you give us long life, Lord.”

He then commented, “But the dye that dyes my right, I am stronger, and a little darker than cattle with the headband.”

Then the two sang the song “Khali al-Basat Ahmadi”.

special flavor

While the participation of the young artist “Zeina Emad” in a duet with “Mohamed Abdo”, in the song “Ya Mustajib al-Da’i”, had a special flavor.

It is noteworthy that the Night of the Arab Artist was attended by more than 80 musicians and musicians led by Maestro Walid Fayed, and it carried a set of links and lyrical pieces in the “medley” way.

While Abdo confirmed that this night that brought him together with his friends is one of the most beautiful nights, as it is characterized by exchanging memories with them in front of their large audiences, stressing that it is a great step towards openness that is achieved with the rational leadership led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince.

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