Ahmed Nagy: El-Shennawy’s mistake in Ceramica’s goal is common among goalkeepers

Ahmed Nagy, goalkeeper coach of the Ceramica Cleopatra team, confirmed that his team’s players trained a lot on the goal ball, which was scored against Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper.

Nagy said in statements on the Box to Box program: “The error that was recorded in Al-Ahly is a common mistake by goalkeepers in dealing with cross balls, and the decision is in a split second, and Al-Shennawi may have been somewhat late in thinking, but he succeeded in catching more than A ball before the Ceramica attackers.

He added, “Muhammad Bassam presented a good level with Ceramica, and he is a good goalkeeper, and the same applies to Amer Muhammad, as well as the third goalkeeper, Ali Al-Jabri.”

And he continued, “Bassam also had a role in building the game according to the instructions of the technical staff led by Ahmed Sami, and he is one of the best guards that I have dealt with in my life.”

And he continued: “Ceramica players are training well under the leadership of a distinguished coach, Ahmed Sami, and I hope that they will make better use of him in the next stage, and we only need victories in order to gain confidence, and Ceramica’s management is well aware of what the coaching staff has to offer.”

Nagy sent a message to Muhammad Al-Shennawi, and said: “Al-Shennawi was the best goalkeeper in the meeting with Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, and mistakes are made in football, and he was affected by the state of the team, and Al-Ahly was coherent in some aspects and some things need to be fixed in the coming period.”


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