After their incitement against Egypt, Turkey again detains Muslim Brotherhood media workers

After holding them for days, interrogating them, and then releasing them, the Turkish authorities again detained a number of broadcasters and media professionals affiliated with the Brotherhood, after repeating their call for incitement against Egypt and calling for what they described as the revolutionary movement on November 11.

On Friday evening, the Turkish security forces launched extensive campaigns, during which they detained a number of Brotherhood members, and re-arrested the journalist Hossam Al-Ghamry and others, and took them to security headquarters for investigation, after calling them through their pages on the communication sites for chaos in Egypt and spreading rumors against the Egyptian security services.

Sources revealed to “” that the campaigns targeted broadcasters and producers on the group’s satellite channels, as well as the “Al-Sharq” satellite channel, owned by opposition leader Ayman Nour.

Ayman Nour

Ayman Nour

According to the information, the Brotherhood’s media, after being released from detention a few days ago, did not abide by the instructions of the Turkish authorities to stop incitement against Egypt, and continued to escalate and call for demonstrations on November 11.

The group, along with opposition leader Ayman Nour, launched New rumors to hit Egypt It shook confidence in the political and sovereign institutions, as it announced the resignations of the intelligence service and the presence of a current of the military rejecting the political and economic conditions in the country, and it promoted this through its electronic militias and the accounts of the group’s media on the communication sites and pages of the “Ghad al-Thawra” party, which is headed by Nour, as it turned out later. All this information is false and unfounded.

This came a few days after the Turkish authorities released the journalist Al-Ghamry, who had arrested him since the Friday before last.

The released journalist revealed that Saif Abdel-Fattah, the Brotherhood leader and former advisor to the Brotherhood’s president, Mohamed Morsi, intervened with the Turkish authorities to release him, adding that he went out to complete his role in the crowd for the Friday, November 11 demonstrations.

Despite the Turkish instructions to restrict the Brotherhood’s media activities and prevent the broadcast of criticism against Egypt from Istanbul satellite channels, the group, in cooperation with Nour, continued to coordinate and plan the November 11 demonstrations, by launching rumors and lies and promoting them extensively through the group’s pages and accounts on new communication sites and satellite channels, which were launched by such 11-11: Peoples and Liberty, as well as a new channel they intend to release from London are stated.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish authorities launched campaigns of arrest and detention of members of the Brotherhood a few days ago, and the campaigns included journalists and media workers working for the group’s satellite channels.

In March of last year, Turkey requested restricting the Brotherhood’s satellite channels, which broadcast from Istanbul, and preventing its criticism of Egypt, and it also banned the appearance of Brotherhood media and broadcaster Haitham Abu Khalil.

And it decided to stop the programs of 4 of the Brotherhood’s broadcasters: Moataz Matar, Mohamed Nasser, Hamza Zobaa and artist Hisham Abdullah, and warned them not to violate its instructions.

Turkey announced in March last year the resumption of its diplomatic contacts with Egypt, and directed the Muslim Brotherhood media operating on its soil to soften the tone towards Cairo in preparation for rapprochement and normalization of relations.

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