After the mysterious disappearance of the Russians from the city… Kyiv warns its forces of a “trap” in Kherson

Field reports revealed the mysterious disappearance of Russian forces and their loyalists from the streets of Kherson, and quoted the city’s residents that Russian soldiers, patrols and checkpoints all “suddenly” became rare in the city center, while most of the civilian population left.

She said that the Russian flag, which has been raised above government offices since Moscow forces took control of Kherson last February, was not present, on Thursday, above the main administrative building and other government headquarters. It is not clear whether this means that the Russians are evacuating the city or that they are setting a trap for the Ukrainians.

Kirill Strimosov, the Russian-appointed deputy governor of Kherson, issued several video appeals to citizens to leave the part of Kherson on the west bank of the Dnipro River. He said it was likely that Russian forces would leave the western bank of the river to Ukraine soon.

Iranian rallies

Today, Saturday, the Al-Arabiya delegate said that the Ukrainian defenses had shot down eleven “Shahed-136” drones launched by Russia, in addition to two cruise missiles that were launched towards the capital, Kyiv.

The Arabic delegate added that Ukrainian army He carried out eleven raids, targeting strongholds of Russian forces and seven sites of anti-aircraft missile systems.

He pointed out that Russia carried out twenty-one air raids and sixty attacks with missile launchers, targeting the country’s infrastructure.

In addition, the British Ministry of Defense stated that Russian forces are conducting exercises in Belarus due to the shortage of training crews, ammunition and facilities in Russia.

Russia is facing difficulties in providing military training for its current annual mobilization and conscription campaign in the fall, the ministry said in a report.

The report suggested that the new recruits received little or no training.

He added that experienced officers and trainers had been deployed to participate in the current Russian military operation in Ukraine since late February.

US funds renovation of Ukrainian tanks and anti-aircraft guns

On the other hand, the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) announced, on Friday, the allocation of an additional 400 million dollars to Ukraine in the form of military aid and to establish a headquarters for security assistance in Germany, which will supervise the transfer of all weapons and military training to Ukraine.

Defense Department spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told reporters at the Pentagon that the new command center called the Security Assistance Organization for Ukraine is a permanent and long-term program to continue to assist Kyiv in its fight against Russia.

The Pentagon explained that the $400 million includes contracts to purchase 1,100 Phoenix Ghost drones, and financing to renovate 45 tanks and 40 additional river boats, among others.

According to the Pentagon, the United States is funding the modernization of T-72 tanks and Hawk surface-to-air missiles, as part of a military aid package.

In the field developments, the pro-Russian Deputy Head of the Kherson Region Kirill Strimosov announced the imposition of a 24-hour curfew in Kherson.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed the need to evacuate residents from the most dangerous war zones in Kherson, stressing the importance of protecting civilians.

Putin also noted the continuing clashes in Kherson, which is controlled by Russia.

The Kherson region, most of which fell under Russian control shortly after the start of the military campaign against Ukraine on February 24, is of strategic importance, as it controls the land route to Crimea and a large part of its water supply. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

Winter changes the pace of war

The armies in both Russia and Ukraine are preparing for cold weather and shorter periods of light, which will increase logistical difficulties and affect the health and morale of soldiers.

Bad weather will affect Russia and Ukraine at the same time and is likely to slow down the pace of fighting and reduce the level of battles by a third In such cases the operation of equipment becomes more difficult and mines can be hidden under the ice and the need for more fuel for generators and even bullets will be slower because the cold air denser than warm air, all of which forces military movements to change, as Russia will resort to air strikes as an alternative to ground action, and Ukraine, thanks to Western supplies after appealing to Western backers for winter crews and equipment, will likely be better equipped than the Russians in exchange for the greater motivation of its soldiers to fight

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