After the increase.. the price and specifications of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, after the international price of the dollar flared up

The price and specifications of the iPhone 14 Pro Max are searched by many iPhone lovers and those interested in knowing the specifications of the best device in the world to date, as the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the highest device in the category of iPhone 14 phones that were released at the Apple World Congress in 2023, and it is the most expensive The phones are the best in the Apple series of phones until the present time, as long as no other version of the famous Apple phones has been issued, and this device has countless advantages.

iPhone 14 Pro Max 2023 price

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max 14 mobile phone has increased a lot in recent days, due to the rise in the price of the US dollar, and therefore the prices of all devices have increased globally in all countries of the world, as the dollar is a major control over prices globally, and the price of the device is on the website Amazon is 6,669 Saudi riyals.

iPhone 14 Pro Max 14 mobile specifications

Apple introduced the iPhone 14 Pro Max with fantastic and imaginary specifications, which made there high purchase rates on the device, and these are the device specifications:

  • Modern iOS 16 phone operating system.
  • The screen size is 6.7 inches, the screen resolution is 1290 by 2796 pixels, and its brightness ranges from 1000 lumens to 2000 lumens.
  • Processor for the internal six-core device of the quality Apple A16 Bionic.
  • The phone’s RAM is up to 6 GB.
  • The internal memory of the phone is 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB.
  • The battery capacity of the device is 4323 mAh, so the device has fast charging.
  • The device contains 6 cameras of very high quality, including 2 front cameras and 4 rear cameras.
  • The phone has stereo external speakers and also contains a pure noise-isolating microphone.
  • The phone can work with two SIM cards and supports the fourth generation network.

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