After the failure of its plans in Egypt, the “Brotherhood” exchanged accusations

After the failure of its calls for movement and chaos in Egypt last week, fronts exchanged Brotherhood Accusations about why the Egyptians did not respond to these appeals.

The opposition leader, Ayman Nour, who is loyal to the group and resides in Istanbul, called on the Brotherhood fronts for what he called them to unite, reject differences, intensify efforts and plan another movement that could bring down the regime in Egypt, according to his claim.

Failed action plan

After that, the Brotherhood activist Ahmed Al-Jasser revealed, in a video broadcast on his page on the communication sites, the plan adopted by the group for the November 11 movement, and the reasons for its failure.

He claimed that it relied on an episode broadcast on YouTube by the Brotherhood activist Abdullah Al-Sharif, which includes messages and codes for movement, as well as identifying the fields from which the movement, demonstrations and chaos will start.

He also indicated that the plan directed the Brotherhood to take advantage of the disruption of Egypt’s transportation – as was rumored at the time – and the occupation of the squares, but the security forces understood the matter and took precautions and preparations, according to his words.

The Brotherhood revealed the names of a group of members of the group who worked to promote the episode of Abdullah Al-Sharif and communicate it to the largest possible number of the group’s committees, including Khaled Al-Sarti, Muhammad Salah, Jasser Al-Anwar, Hussein Badini, Tamer Jamal, and Yasser Al-Omda, knowing that the latter had previously been expelled from Turkey. lands last March to incite him against Egypt, so he traveled to Bulgaria until senior Brotherhood leaders intervened to bring him back to Istanbul again.

Accusations of treason

In addition, the Brotherhood activist accused a journalist working for the “Al-Sharq” satellite channel of being behind the leaking of the plan to Egyptian authorities, asking him to confess his act.

While the three Brotherhood fronts began to exchange accusations and exchange responsibility for the failure of the movement due to the differences between them, which led to the Egyptian people losing their confidence in them, according to their claim.

The Mounir Front asked to search for the reasons for the failure of the movement in preparation for repeating the calls and obtaining popular support, while the Istanbul Front remained silent, while the Change Movement, which is the third front in the group, is still leading the idea of ​​violence and revenge and launching operations against the regime in Egypt.

For his part, Ayman Nour, the pro-Brotherhood opposition leader, refuted the reason for the failure of the movement through tweets on Twitter, considering that one of the gravest mistakes and lessons learned from the failure of the movement is the confusion between the world of social media and the reality on the ground, stressing that calls for social media do not mean acceptance and reassurance. the street and its participation in it.

He also claimed that one of the mistakes that led to the failure of the movement was the lack of distinction between what is political and what is media, and that not everyone who ascends a media platform is necessarily a politician who is accepted by the people, and they accept his invitation to go down, calling on the group to stop what he called the policy of burning stages, and to respect the value of work group, stop exchanging accusations, and betray those who are different.

Failed movement

It is noteworthy that the Brotherhood launched last week the general alarm to cause chaos in Egypt.

It called the movement the “Movement of November 11”, calling on all its supporters to go out massively and gather in the squares and cause disturbances to confuse the security services in the hope of overthrowing the regime.

The group also issued an official statement calling on its supporters to go to the squares, gather in them, and not leave them.

It also decided to launch its new satellite broadcast, which it called “Freedom 11-11”, from Vietnam to follow up the broadcasts of demonstrations and movement activities, directing its activists and members to send the satellite frequency to all its affiliated committees in Egypt, and follow-up to receive data and instructions.

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