After the arrest of her fugitive husband… Surprises in the “blogger” case, Hadeer Atef

While still The case of the famous fashion blogger Hadeer Atef Occupying the Egyptians, the Egyptian security services were able to arrest her husband, Bilal Mahmoud, 3 days after his disappearance.

Bilal managed to escape after his wife and sister, Hajar, and her husband, Tamer Adel, were arrested in the case of fraud faced by the four defendants.

Catch a roar

Catch a roar

Detention pending investigation

For its part, the Egyptian Public Prosecution imprisoned the defendants pending investigations, and said in a statement that it had “received a report from the General Department for Combating Public Money Crimes, which includes a complaint of 10 people against the four defendants for appropriating their money under the pretext of investing it in the car and real estate trade and the trading of securities on the stock exchange, in exchange for Promise them to make a profit for them.”

Atif roar

Atif roar

Fake companies and fancy headquarters

The statement indicated that “the accused deluded the victims into owning a group of companies working in different fields by communicating with them through a social networking site, then meeting with them several times, and entering into contracts with them to invest their money, and that they did not provide those profits to them, nor did they return their money.”

Investigations reported the validity of what was stated in these communications, and that the accused, Hadeer Atef, took advantage of many people following her through a social networking site to invite them to receive and invest their money, in addition to taking a property in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo as the headquarters of the alleged company that they claimed to exist.

The Public Prosecution revealed that it “has listened to the testimonies of many of the victims, whose statements were repeated about the defendants Hadeer Atef and Bilal Mahmoud announcing through their accounts on a social networking site that they and the rest of the defendants owned and managed an investment company in the real estate and car trade, and invited the public to receive their money and invest it in that company. In exchange for contracting with them to provide them with the profits of this investment during specific periodic periods.

The victims stated that “the defendants met them at a headquarters in the Fifth Settlement, and concluded contracts with them in which they agreed on that, and the accused Bilal signed them, and they received their money from them, then they delayed them in providing the profits, until they refused to respond to them or communicate with them, so they reported them, and the witnesses presented contracts in investigations.

Confessions of a “blogger” roar

The statement of the Egyptian Public Prosecution stated that it “interrogated the defendants regarding the accusations against them, and it approved The accused, Hadeer Atef In the investigations, her accused husband, Bilal Mahmoud, invited the audience via a social networking site about 7 months ago, to receive their money to invest in the real estate and car trade, and trade it on the stock exchange, in exchange for providing them with investment profits.

She pointed out that her husband did not have a company registered to practice this activity, and that he only invited the public and announced his activity on social media, taking their residence as a headquarters to practice this activity, stressing that it was the link between him and his clients, and explaining the details of their practice of this activity.

The four defendants are currently facing charges of inviting the public through the social networking sites of the international information network to collect money from them for employment and investment, in addition to receiving that money from them contrary to the provisions of the law, and their failure to return those amounts due to their owners, and their creation, management and use of special sites and accounts on the international information network with the aim of committing those crimes.

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